May 20th, 2012

The conditions of the air, are dictated by the principal factors of chemical alteration, characterized by a series of variable in two countersigned environments, what: outdoor e indoor.

Says factors, carry a mutation in the chemical composition of the air itself.

The defined environments, to which the living being is tied up subject, for daily actions of life is of job, I am irreversibly dependent the factors of alteration of the air.

There and a scientific correlation, that links the external environment and the internal environment, defined "polarity natural".

Such definition, among the environments, is the fundamental principle of the living.

The environments, external (outdoor) it is inside (indoor), they mainly differentiate him among them, for morphological characteristics, both in altering the chemistry of air pollution in the type of.

The synonym is identifiable as air pollution, that associated the environments, Outdoor pollution is defined textually (outdoor) and inside pollution (indoor).

In reference to pollution inside, the study, has brought international experts the search in the field’ of the indoor air quality (iaq).

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